2020 Tryouts

by Cate Goodman

We hope that everyone is having a great break but we can't wait until everyone is back in Slo. 

Here is some info about how tryouts are going to work.

Tryouts will be held:

Tryouts will be Monday, January 6th through Thursday, January 9th. Friday, January 10th, we will have team meetings. 

Monday-Thurday from 4-6pm on the Turf Field #1(the farthest from the parking lot). Bring a pinnie. 

Friday from 4-6pm will be a team meeting.

B team will still be practicing with tryouts even though there are not tryouts for B team (so if you come to tryouts, you will make a team--there are not cuts!). Remember: every level is welcome on B team!

The following is a "To Do" list that you must complete before tryouts. Read the rest of this email and then reference the following list to make sure you have completed everything necessary.

#1 Fill out the Tryout Spreadsheet... COMPLETELY

#2 Print your weekly schedule to bring to tryouts

#3 Register with The HUB and complete all required paperwork

#4 Renew your USL Membership

#5 Email us with any questions you have!

#1: Please fill out this form by Monday to be eligible for tryouts. Do not change the number column. This number will be written on you somewhere during tryouts (even people not trying out for A team). Either sharpie yourself or tape the number to your pinnie.

#2: If you are trying out for A Team please print out your weekly schedule and bring it to tryouts.

#3: Attached below are the directions to register at the HUB if you have not already. It is important that you follow the directions and fill out all necessary paperwork. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRYOUT IF THIS IS NOT COMPLETE.

#4: You must have a US lacrosse membership. Most of you should have one already that just needs to be renewed. Use this to help you renew the membership & code WCLA_2020 to get a discounted price. *Renew your membership now even if it does not expire until Spring.*

We can't wait to see you all at tryouts!